Marry Fuck Kill

What is it?

Marry-Fuck-Kill (MFK) is a simple game. You are given three things. Choose one to marry, one to fuck, and one to kill. These things could be people, places, concepts, or commom household objects. The harder the choice, the more interesting the MFK!

The real life version of the game comes in handy when your flight out of Costa Rica is delayed three hours and the airport staff won't let you buy more beer with your food vouchers.

Who made it?

The original game is as old as time itself.
Web game concept by Anna and Michael.
Programming by Hunter and Michael.

All code is on GitHub, Apache 2.0 license.

Powered by Google App Engine
Marry Fuck Kill © Michael Kelly and Hunter Freyer. User-created content remains the property of the creator.

Be excellent to each other.
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